In a music therapy session, clients and therapist may work with a wide choice of accessible instruments such as percussion, piano, guitar and glockenspiel as well as their voices. Playing together, often in free improvisation, creates an interactive musical language with profound levels of communication about emotional, psychological and physical states.  
Song writing may be explored as a powerful vehicle for expressing feelings around difficult and traumatic life experiences. 

The sessions may include shared listening which may evoke memories or deep emotions. There may or may not be talking, all according to the needs of the client.
My approach to music therapy uses a wide range of styles and genres of music integrating different psychotherapeutic models.
Music therapy is offered as individual sessions or as part of a group. Group work enables people to make music and work together co-operatively, sharing the musical experiences to address challenges and issues.

I undertake client assessments and critically evaluate my music therapy service. I have regular clinical supervision and commit to  continued professional development and training. When working as part of a multidisciplinary team, I believe it is of vital importance to foster excellent communication, support and respect.